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►►►Click The "Preference Settings" Button At The Upper Right Corner For Setup.

►►►Use Live Wallpaper Picker To Set "Circle Unleashed" As Wallpaper.

►► New In Version 1.5:

► Reduced Data Consumption.

► Compiled with Latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow SDK.

► Minor Crash Fixed.

► Minor Exception Handled.

► Minimized Memory Usage.

► Security Exception Fixed.

►► New In Version 1.4:

► Security Exception Fixed.

►► New In Version 1.3:

► Settings Panel Background Changed To Opaque For Easy Navigation.

► About Page Updated With "More From The Barman Bros".

玩個人化App|Circle Unleashed ▌SO BEAUTIFUL免費|APP試玩

► Core Performance Upgrade.

► Circle Frame Rates Improved For Low End Devices.

►► New In Version 1.2:

► Major Security Issue Fixed.

►► New In Version 1.1:

► Randomize Color For Circles And Collision Added In Settings.

► Every New Circle Appears With Its Own New Random Color.

► Existing Circles Stay The Same.

► Build With New Lollipop 5.0.1 SDK.

► Optimized For High Frame Rate.

► Option Menu Added.

► Memory Leak Terminated.

►► Original Features:

► Nice Looking Dynamic Live Wallpaper.

玩個人化App|Circle Unleashed ▌SO BEAUTIFUL免費|APP試玩

► Two Different Circle Styles To Choose From.

► On Collision Creates A Nice Bang.

► User Can Choose Circles' Color.

► User Can Choose Background Color.

► User Can Choose Collisions' Color.

► Can Make Sound Upon Collision.

► Users Can Record Their Own Sounds & Use Them As Collision Sound.

► Four Different Sounds To Choose From.

► User Can Choose Custom Background Image.

► Low CPU Usage.

► Low Memory Usage.

玩個人化App|Circle Unleashed ▌SO BEAUTIFUL免費|APP試玩

► Better Performance With Better Devices Built With Better SOCs.

► Optimized For Low End Devices.

Copyright © The Barman Bros 1990-2015, All Rights Reserved.

玩個人化App|Circle Unleashed ▌SO BEAUTIFUL免費|APP試玩

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