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With Clean WhatsApp, you:

玩工具App|Clean WhatsApp免費|APP試玩

* You can program it to clean according to the interval set by you the media of your choice (photos, recordings, videos, etc..) ¹.

* Manages the space occupied by WhatsApp.

玩工具App|Clean WhatsApp免費|APP試玩

* Do you know exactly how much memory each media type is occupying.

* Centralize all media sent and received by a single application WhatsApp.

玩工具App|Clean WhatsApp免費|APP試玩

* You can select the files of your choice to exclude, not needing to delete all at once.

玩工具App|Clean WhatsApp免費|APP試玩

¹ resource available for testing.

玩工具App|Clean WhatsApp免費|APP試玩

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