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Enjoy casino games? Enjoy the thrill and excitement of winning?

Cleopatra n Trade is the game for you. Cleopatra n Trade is a combination of casino slots and binary options trading all rolled into one. This exciting game gives you the chance to spin the slots and apply trading skills to catch the big one.

The aim of the game is to spin the reels like a regular slot machine, but when you achieve either 3 Green (CALL) up arrows or 3 Red (PUT) arrows, the bonus trading round will begin.

The graph below the reels will become active and looking at the graph you need to predict if in the next 5 seconds will the graph go up or down from its current amount.

If you think the price will go up, select the Green CALL button and if think it will go down then select the Red PUT button. If your prediction is correct your jackpot winnings will be doubled. If you do not predict correctly then you simply win your original jackpot amount.

Fun and rewarding, Cleopatra n Trade shows you just how easy it is to trade binary options. Every day people trade binary options by predicting if an asset such as the Euro or the Dollar and many other assets will increase or decrease in a specific time period. The time period, also known as the expiry, is the amount of time until the outcome of the prediction.

While Cleopatra n Trade is an excellent introduction to the concept of trading binary options, it illustrates the simplicity of why binary options trading has become such a sensation for both the novice and professional traders. When you feel confident on how to predict and ready to make real money trading, simply signup up for a trading account and put your skills in action to make real cash.

玩博奕App|Cleopatra n Trade免費|APP試玩

Go on, Spin it, CALL it and Win it!

玩博奕App|Cleopatra n Trade免費|APP試玩

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