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Managing Social Media is frustrating, time consuming, even intimidating, and most importantly, takes you away from managing your business. You may spend countless hours shuffling through different networks, trying to understand how to reach and engage your customers.

Clickdaily's revolutionary features allow you to cut back on the pain of all this. Best of all, we will help you bring in new customers and drive up sales! With our custom tailored packages crafted to fit all of your social media needs, Clickdaily is the only answer to your social media nightmare!

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--Potential Customer Tracking--

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-Track users who are posting near your business using hashtags and keywords and send them custom promotions and messages to drive new business. Get new customers in your door today!

--Post Scheduler--

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-Post sharing made easy. Efficiently create and schedule and unlimited number of messages to post automatically at any time you want.


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-Create limited promotions in a flash that will be shared to all of your followers to attract new and repeat business immediately.

--Social Timelines--

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-Your Social Media timelines, conveniently displayed on a single simple to use interface. No more time wasted switching through different applications and pages!

--Social Media Intelligence--

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-Clickdaily Social's intelligence monitors mentions of your name and products across all of your accounts and allows you to quickly and easily respond to these interactions.

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