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Cognac Companion for Android is a complete cognac guide for the curious amateur as well as for the experienced collector.

The App comes with detailed information and pictures of 600 cognacs (V.S., V.S.O.P., Napoleon, XO, Hors d'Age and Extra) from 120 brands.

The pre-loaded data for cognac (Brand, Name, Age, Cru, Alcohol strength, Bottle Size, Description) and brand (Status, Visitor Center, Founded, Address, Map location, Tel, Email, Web address) can easily be changed, or you can also create new cognacs and brands with your own pictures.

Clicking on a picture of a brand or a cognac will maximize the picture size.

玩生活App|Cognac Companion免費|APP試玩

You can share your brand and cognac information with other. Users can create accounts on CognacCompanion's network server for ** FREE **, and then upload their own brands and cognacs. After approval of uploaded material, can uploaded brands and cognacs be searched and downloaded by other users.

The app has a ** FREE ** cloud backup feature that allows users to backup and restore all personal brand visit notes, cognacs, tasting notes, etc. to CognacCompanion's network server.

As more data (content) is published, new brands and cognacs can be downloaded to the app's database. These updates will not affect your user data in the database.

玩生活App|Cognac Companion免費|APP試玩

Notes from brand visits can be added to each brand, and detailed comments, tasting notes and ratings may be added to a cognac.

All brands visited and cognacs tasted will then be available in the “My Cognacs” section, which also includes a wish-list functionality.

Most of the brands have map-location for integration with Google Map. When clicking on a brand location, Map will launch, and this can be switched to Street-View. It is then possible to virtually walk around the brand.

You can create your own tasting event with picture and key information. Then you can link cognacs to the event and add your tasting notes to those cognacs.

玩生活App|Cognac Companion免費|APP試玩

The app also has a zoomable map of Cognac.

After installation of the App, the database should be downloaded over a network connection as the database is around 40 MB.

If you experience any problems using CognacCompanion, please notify

玩生活App|Cognac Companion免費|APP試玩

[email protected]

and we will help you. Please don't use Android Market as a support forum as there is no way we can contact you to help solve your problems.



玩生活App|Cognac Companion免費|APP試玩

If you update your content, download new content, lose your phone, do a factory reset, or the SD card becomes corrupted, you might lose valuable data. If you enter personal tasting data or your complete cognac collection, we would strongly advise you to take a backup of your database on a regular basis. In the About window you see the location of the database. Just copy the file to your computer, and you should sleep better at night.

Database location


玩生活App|Cognac Companion免費|APP試玩

On Android 2.0/2.1 will the database be placed on the phone. On Android 2.2 and later will the database be placed on the SD card if a card is present.

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玩生活App|Cognac Companion免費|APP試玩

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