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CommonSense Tracker turns your phone into an advanced self-tracking device. It is part of the

CommonSense platform ( The CommonSense platform

helps you to keep track of all your sensor data, store it in a central location, and play with it.

CommonSense also processes your raw sensor data into meaningful personal states. Right now

we use your phone to track Steps, Top Locations, Exercise, Sociality, and Sleep. With the free

玩健康App|CommonSense Tracker免費|APP試玩

CommonSense Dashboard ( you gain insights into your behavior.

With this free CommonSense Tracker Android app you turn your phone into an advanced

tracking device. Combine it with the dashboard, add in your Fitbit or Twitter data, and you get

the most powerful self-tracking system the world has ever seen.

Unconditional user privacy is one of our core values. You own your data and you can do with it

whatever you want. You can download your data in different formats, and delete it at any time.

We won’t sell it, show it to others, or even peek at it without your explicit consent to do so. We

玩健康App|CommonSense Tracker免費|APP試玩

believe it is time to disrupt todays’ privacy landscape and give control back to the user.

We are in private beta right now. If you want to take part in the adventure, just try out this app

for free and request an invite at

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