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玩工具App|Connection Tracker免費|APP試玩

Connection Tracker

Keep your phone secure by monitoring connections in the background and data usage,local.remote Ip address, city, country and company information for every application which uses network connection.

You can easily keep track of applications and services' data usage,local remote ip address and country information and get notification when a connection is made in the background.

By monitoring the Application Data Out information rather than Data In , it gives you an exact idea how much data is send out by specific application .


玩工具App|Connection Tracker免費|APP試玩

• Pro version is available with full features and no ads.

• Keep your phone secure monitor malicious apps

• Check every remote connection made by apps and services

• Can be run all day with 10-15 refresh time.

玩工具App|Connection Tracker免費|APP試玩

• Adjust refresh time , recommended refresh time is 10-15

• You can run the application in the background.

• Notification for every time there is a new connection.

• Auto Start on Boot (PRO ONLY)

• Copy to Clipboard

玩工具App|Connection Tracker免費|APP試玩

• You can copy remote ip address and port by touch the specific connection on the list to clipboard.


How to scroll down the connection list?

• Tap anywhere on the list(except the map button of the connection) .

玩工具App|Connection Tracker免費|APP試玩

• Another pop up list will be opened with the latest connections, this list is not updated automatically and contains the connections found when the main list was tapped.

• Basically it is easy way to capture the main list while updating.

• And easily scroll up/down and select any connection on the list ip number will be copied to clipboard.


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玩工具App|Connection Tracker免費|APP試玩

Big thanks to the users who provide their useful ideas and feedback to improve this project, we do add most of the features requested by users as much as possible.


If you need any help with applications,purchasing process errors, please contact our Dev Team

玩工具App|Connection Tracker免費|APP試玩

We will gladly help you and answer your questions

玩工具App|Connection Tracker免費|APP試玩

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