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Eating candies can be lots of fun, and with this game you can easily create the perfect candy sticks ready for everyone to enjoy! With this free cooking game you get to make a mint paste, sieve the flour, add the sugar and eggs before mixing all your ingredients ready into a bowl. Next you get to add edible food coloring to your candy mix before rolling out your candy ready in long strips. Once you have rolled your long candy strips, you can then twist them together before making letters out of them. Lastly you get to cook your candies to perfection before serving them up on the plate. So if you have a crush for candies, why not give in and cook your own with this free online cooking game today.


玩休閒App|Cooking Candy Cookies Game免費|APP試玩

Place your mint paste, sugar, eggs, and salt into a bowl and mix it together

玩休閒App|Cooking Candy Cookies Game免費|APP試玩

Pour all your ingredients into a bowl and mix them all together with butter

玩休閒App|Cooking Candy Cookies Game免費|APP試玩

Add edible food coloring and make your candy mixture brightly colored

玩休閒App|Cooking Candy Cookies Game免費|APP試玩

Roll your candies out into a long thin strip

玩休閒App|Cooking Candy Cookies Game免費|APP試玩

Take two different colored candy strips and roll them together until they have twisted

Roll your candies into letter shapes

Place your candy onto the grill and cook them to perfection

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