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Turning intelligence into actionable insight.

The official Cool Chain & CRT Logistics app for iPhone, iPad and Android allows app users to access speaker, partner and program information on the event, as well as related content on topics revolving GDP, supply chain integrity, lane and condition qualification and the use for temperature data. App users who are also attending the European Cool Chain & Temperature Controlled Logistics Summit will have exclusive networking capabilities with other delegates, which include meeting requests, customizable schedule and profiling, speaker Q&As and more.

The European Cool Chain & Temperature Controlled Logistics Summit gathers leading industry experts for 4 days of information-sharing and networking, with plenary sessions, round tables, workshops and panel sessions on everything from GDP compliance to supply chain integrity. By downloading this app, you can access:

•Personal Event Scheduler

•Speaker listing with biographies

•Articles, interviews and white papers

•Exhibitor Directory

•Personalization and notes

•Event Maps

玩商業App|Cool Chain免費|APP試玩

•Local Guide

•Social media sharing *

•Live polling and surveys *

•QR code reader *

•Meeting scheduler *

•Message sender *

•Mobile web app for desktop

* Some access for these may be limited for event attendees

Access information at your fingertips at any time, online and offline – and also from your home or work laptop since the app is Desktop compatible. Download the app for full event information for the European Cool Chain & Temperature Controlled Logistics Summit.

玩商業App|Cool Chain免費|APP試玩

The app is designed for life Sciences professionals involved or interested in their organization’s Temperature Controlled Logistics, supply chain, distribution and QA.

玩商業App|Cool Chain免費|APP試玩

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