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玩生產應用App|Countdown Calendar Widget免費|APP試玩

A beautiful Google calendar widget for your home screen.

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Features include:

Event countdown: Know when an event is due using easy-to-read symbols.

玩生產應用App|Countdown Calendar Widget免費|APP試玩

Tap scrolling: Tap regions allow you to scroll through 3 pages of events; up to 12 months into the future. An easy-to-read page indicator lets you know which page you're on.

Configurable calendars: Displays the events of any of your Google calendars.

Configurable calendar colours: Easily customise the calendar colour or disable calendar colours.

Configurable background: Comes with a range of coloured backgrounds to compliment your home screen. Choose black to match the style of other Android widgets, or add some transparency to show off your wallpaper.

Configurable text size: Small, medium or large.

玩生產應用App|Countdown Calendar Widget免費|APP試玩

Supports independently configured widget instances: Configure as many widgets as you like, with whatever calendars you like to look however you like!

玩生產應用App|Countdown Calendar Widget免費|APP試玩

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