Crazy Whacky: Spritz Ski|不限時間玩賽車遊戲App

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玩賽車遊戲App|Crazy Whacky: Spritz Ski免費|APP試玩

!!! Welcome to the top free skiing & racing game on android, updated exclusively for Christmas 2013 !!! FOR KIDS, BOYS, GIRLS & TODDLERS !!!

Play Crazy Whacky: Christmas Ski, the fearless run of the Surf Guru, Whacky, in the mountain of The Freezing Island as he escape the terrifying avalanche to reach the Christmas Party in time!

The Freezing Island is a long forgotten land with no animals (NO YETI, BIRDS, EAGLE OR BEARS! SO ITS NOT A SAFARI) and is famous for its horrifying mountain and rocky hill but our Surfing Chef (nick),

Whacky, is a fearless snowboarder!

The Surfing Coach Whacky has gained fame in his hometown, Snow Fread Country, for his top class water skiing and street surfing skills, however, will he escape death in these Snowy Mountains which require extreme snowboarding and snow skiing skills?

In this free racing game, you will not be playing any snowboarding stickman ! You are on a racing quest to run for your life and will be tested in different snowboard skills including Freestyle, Alpine, Powder Riding And Carvings !

Can you escape this advent of Avalanche and write your own snow boarder journal??!!!!!

! How to Play !

玩賽車遊戲App|Crazy Whacky: Spritz Ski免費|APP試玩

Easy to Play, hard to master ! MOST ADDICTING SPORTS GAME THIS XMAS FOR FREE !!!!!

1. Tap when the surfer is climbing down to speed up.

2. Release when the racer is climbing up the hill/mountain.

3. Tap when jumping down, Aim for the back of the mountain.

4. Get the Little Rocket to turn into a Rocket Surfer !

5. BE QUICK as the watch can run out of time as the Avalanche chase the racer.

!!!! Don't forget to jump down when in air to get the Little Rocket as they unlock STARS !!!!

Enjoy the cool breeze of this top app as the days change to nights and snow sprinkle on the horrifying hills of The Freezing Island.

玩賽車遊戲App|Crazy Whacky: Spritz Ski免費|APP試玩

Be fast and keep track of the time to succeed.

!!!! FEATURES !!!!

1. 30 challenging skee tracks with more to come.

2. 4 Different Themes (Day, Night, Day Snowfall, Night Snowfall)

3. Collect Coins

4. Unique and Different Hills in every level.

5. Collect Rockets to get a boost in Speed.

6. Unlock Stars.

玩賽車遊戲App|Crazy Whacky: Spritz Ski免費|APP試玩

7. High Quality Graphics

8. No hacks, secret codes, cheats or cracks of any kind !

!!! All for fred !!! No Need to pay any money or complete actions !!!

This game app features a combination of the best features in the top most racing and sport games & apps. If you are a crazy snowboarder and want to feel the fun of skiing in Everest,K2 and Himalaya mountains,

today is the best day in calender for you and your bros!!! :)



FLYING COUCH: Let's whacky fly !

玩賽車遊戲App|Crazy Whacky: Spritz Ski免費|APP試玩

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Crazy Whacky: Christmas Ski - Top Free Game by Half Fried Ganes.

玩賽車遊戲App|Crazy Whacky: Spritz Ski免費|APP試玩

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