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Capture color with the Companion App for Cube.

Pair Cube with the Companion App to reveal detailed color information and match to the world’s best paint and color databases. Record, tag and share your captured colors.

Cube is an award-winning color reader..


玩工具App|Cube Companion App免費|APP試玩

Reveal RGB, CMYK & LAB readouts

Match colors to paint and color databases

玩工具App|Cube Companion App免費|APP試玩

Name, favorite and share your captured colors

Reveal the ambient temperature around you

玩工具App|Cube Companion App免費|APP試玩

Reveal the ambient light intensity around you

Active calibration control keeps Cube accurate

玩工具App|Cube Companion App免費|APP試玩

Auto-sync stored Cube colors

Visit to learn more about Cube and get your own Cube. If you have questions visit

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