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«Currency CB RF» - your personal financial assistant!

Owing to the software you always possess the most relevant information about recent currencies, established by the Central Bank of Russian Federation.

Capabilities of the software:

-More than 30 currencies supported

玩財經App|Currency CB RF免費|APP試玩

-Currency calculator

-Possibility of establishing the default currency for further calculations

The software «Currency CB RF», developed by the NoviLab Mobile company, is regularly updated! In the nearest future – for your convenience - the following options will be added:

玩財經App|Currency CB RF免費|APP試玩

-Most recent changes of the currences data

-Figures of the alterations for a given period

-Stock exchange rates of precious metals, natural resources and obligations

We highly appreciate your opinion! Regarding any queries or wishes considering the operating of the soft ware you may have, please contact the following address:

玩財經App|Currency CB RF免費|APP試玩

[email protected]

玩財經App|Currency CB RF免費|APP試玩

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