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If you do not know what this is you probably do not have it and this will do nothing for you.

Simple app which allows you to change your device's hostname to your custom defined hostname. This setting will remain after rebooting. The device hostname is changed and the network services are toggled so the device updates the DHCP and DNS servers with the new hostname. Once completed you should be able to ping your device at the user defined hostname. For instance, checking a default android device's hostname from DNS would show "android-abcdefghijklmnop" or some long unrecognizable name. Changing the hostname will update DHCP and DNS so that your device will appear as "your-defined-name".

Sorry but this is due to Google making the hostname setting a secure setting. I have no control over this.

玩工具App|DNS Hostname Updater免費|APP試玩

WRITE_SETTINGS: Required to change the hostname and toggle airplane mode.

ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: Determine if we need to toggle the WIFI once the hostname is changed.

CHANGE_WIFI_STATE: Toggle the WIFI if needed.

玩工具App|DNS Hostname Updater免費|APP試玩

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Retain hostname change across reboot.

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