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玩攝影App|DSLR Camera Effects免費|APP試玩

Great photo editor application for your selfie photo

If you want your photo to be more professional? You can do it easily using a DSLR camera editor

DSLR camera editor features include:

- Model abundant frames that we have prepared in the server that you can download for free.

- Funny Stickers with a variety of categories for you,

玩攝影App|DSLR Camera Effects免費|APP試玩

- Effects of writing as you edit the text with photoshop also present in this application.

- SDK aviary as a supporter of this selfie photo editor application.

- Backgroun, autofocus, smart objects, the effects of fire.

玩攝影App|DSLR Camera Effects免費|APP試玩

- There is also here Helloween Frame, frames love, animal frame, frame greeting card is here

- You will not lose if you install this application on your phone.

NOTE: Some of our features exist on the server, so you have to download it first so that you can use it.

玩攝影App|DSLR Camera Effects免費|APP試玩

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