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Hello, Great Farming Association corporation , DAEBO

We are seeking well-being of the traditional rice wine fermented in a foreign country is beneficial to humanity is recognized.

玩生產應用App|Daechu makgulri免費|APP試玩

Gratitude to the local climate and climate conditions of gratitude perfect place to grow jujube jujube Jujube is known as a luxury in quality. Great Barrier Reef in the gratitude of our specialties Farming Association mulin dates in the mainstream tradition of combining high functionality tailored to the modern symbol of the new concept of beneficial to the human body has the need to switch to rice wine to the product release dates and gratitude due to the excellent quality of the global I'll supply of rice wine.

All our customers who have visited the best flavor and taste, health and our tradition is thought to have gratitude to be able to supply dates infinite would like to express our gratitude.

daejong Park CEO.

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