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To practice Taijiquan, we should seek quality, not quantity. It is better to master one than to engage with ten.

To improve the quality of Taichi movements, we must attach importance to practice the basic skills of Silk Reeling Exercises, so that we can repeat these essential Taijiquan techniques effectively.

The Silk Reeling Exercises are significant to practice Taichi, especially for beginners, as after enhancing and utilizing Silk Reeling practices correctly, you can effectively get twice the result with the half the effort.

玩健康App|Daily TaiChi免費|APP試玩

The Daily TaiChi App details multi-angle video representations of the five basic methods of Silk Reeling Exercise. Our Taichi master studied the Chen-Style Taichi for over four years at the Chenjiagou Taijiquan Center in Henan Province, China. He recently took part in the ‘China Jiaozuo International Taijiquan Competition’ winning two silver medals, in Chen-Taiji and Chen-Taiji sword. He continues to teach Taichi at a fitness centre in Shanghai and strives to accurately show and explain the Silk Reeling Exercise training methods in this app.


玩健康App|Daily TaiChi免費|APP試玩



玩健康App|Daily TaiChi免費|APP試玩

“每日太极锻炼”这款软件,详细、多角度演示了五个基本的缠丝劲练法。演示者曾在河南陈家沟拳馆系统学习了陈氏太极拳老架、新架、刀、剑和推手,拳架工整规范, 在2009年'第五届中国焦作国际太极拳交流大赛'比赛中, 曾获得太极拳和太极剑两块银牌, 目前在上海一健身会所担任太极教练工作。

玩健康App|Daily TaiChi免費|APP試玩

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