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This free app delivers great historical romances, paranormal romances, and audio dramas directly to your phone or tablet. Read A Woman's Honor (An Illustrated Historical Romance) entirely free.


A Woman's Honor: An Illustrated Medieval Romance (FREE)

It’s the 12th Century, on the border between England and Wales. Eleanor’s keep has been taken, her father’s men killed, her brother’s head put on a pike. To protect her parents and those who remain, she is wed to the Duke of Trevich, master of all their misfortune.

Pirates Desire (Several Free Chapters)

London 1717: Corwyn Tyler Chase, a passionate, intelligent, beautiful innocent fresh from the wilds of the West Country is being hotly pursued by the city’s most vicious and well-related rake hell.

Devon Black, the Earl of Kettering, has just taken his place as heir to his father’s lands after murdering the Uncle who stole them. Living in London, among the Ton, he can almost forget the twenty years he lived as a prisoner and then a pirate in the West Indies, years that left him an unforgiving, brutal and brilliant man.

玩書籍App|Dark Romance免費|APP試玩

When Corwyn embroils Black in a lovers triangle that costs him everything yet again, he vows she will pay the price with her body and soul.

Ruined! (Several Free Chapters)

18th Century England. A beautiful young woman dispossessed of her estate by a lecherous uncle is compelled to become a servant to his daughter. She is rescued by a brutal, brilliant, and illegitimate son of an English Lord, subsequently leaving him for his best friend, one of the wealthiest peers in the land. What happens next will shock you…

Acheron's Gate (Several Free Chapters)

Kate Shepherd doesn’t really believe in witchcraft, but like so many she dabbles in the dark arts. Raised in a catholic orphanage, stripped of her past, she wants to believe in an invisible world, in a master plan that somehow involves even abandoned souls like her own.

So when a well-known Cambridge archaeologist works miracles and then invites her to join his coven, she can’t help but agree. Who wouldn’t want to learn magic from a master?

玩書籍App|Dark Romance免費|APP試玩

The question is . . . what will sharing his secrets cost her?

Helen, afflicted with a crippling illness that is destroying her marriage, is on the verge of giving up her husband and ending her life.

Hysteria (Several Free Chapters)

Born in the age of Victoria, and desperate for a cure, she turns to one of the few medical professionals in the world willing to treat human sexual dysfunction.

Merrick, a man desperately in love with an ever more distraught bride who, after years, has not yet become a wife, is willing to make any sacrifice to see her well.

玩書籍App|Dark Romance免費|APP試玩

Dr. Fostick, a physician, surgeon, and an early pioneer in the field of psychotherapy, specializes in the treatment of women who have endured the worst the world has to offer when it comes to mental and physical torment. He takes few patients and those he does take adhere to an oath of perfect obedience. He knows, the hardest battles to win are those fought in the human mind, and victory requires you to sacrifice everything you think you know about yourself.

Audio Dramas

The RoseKing

A Haunting Tale of Love Everlasting. (90 Minute, Full Cast Audio Drama)

The Top 100 Lies You Told Me

All lovers write letters, but they aren't all like this one. Read by Jocelyn Wright.

Man Out of Time

A man, a woman, a date, a question . . . a short audio drama about love or something less. Performed by the Jon Le Billon, Jocelyn Wright & Maria Aparis.

Make or Break

玩書籍App|Dark Romance免費|APP試玩

How do you know when it's time to let go? Performed by Deborah Rombaut.

Girl on a Bridge

A story of love, loss, and a river. Performed by Joseph Falasca.

Letter to the Girl Who Comes After Me

A letter about the perfect man to the lover lucky enough to have him next. Performed by Deborah Rombaut.

What I Told My Boyfriend

Sometimes it's the little things . . . Performed by Deborah Rombaut.

玩書籍App|Dark Romance免費|APP試玩

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