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Data Sensors captures data from the sensors integrated in your Android terminal.

Data Sensors reads data from accelerometer and magnetometer.

玩工具App|Data Sensors免費|APP試玩

Microphe data are filtered for voice removal.

玩工具App|Data Sensors免費|APP試玩

GPS and microphone are disable.

At each run , you can selected the acquisition rate, the sensors to be acquired and for how much time you want to grab the data. Data acquired are stored in a text file and they can be sent via e-mail.

If a call occurs during the acquisition, the process will not stop.

If the device lacks one of the sensors, the sensor will be listed as unavailable.

Data Sensors used to collect data by the actions: walking, cycling and stand still. The data collected are processed to obtain a series of features.

Once completed the capture time, the calculated features are stored in a file named DataSensors-DDMMYYYY-HHMMSS.arff on DataSensors folder, with the ability to send files to an email address.

The files created have a structure to analyze ARFF in Weka library, or MyWeka application for Android.

Developped at Department of Applied Mathematics and Analysis, University of Barcelona.

玩工具App|Data Sensors免費|APP試玩

玩工具App|Data Sensors免費|APP試玩

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