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ShareMyDB is a powerful database with tables, queries, forms, scripting language and now the optional ability to share your data with others and keep your data synchronized! Imagine being able to share and sync your database with friends, family and/or colleagues with just ONE CLICK!

Unlike other more expensive database products, ShareMyDB Database enables you to create powerful database solutions with customized data entry forms right on your device. Here are just a few of the features:

* Improved interface with new 'drawer' style main menu (click the ShareMyDB Logo to open)

* Many bug fixes


* New GRID control

* Free Sample Database library with option for you to post samples for others to download

* Ability to set a form to AUTO-START whenever database opens

* Quickly and easily share a database with any other ShareMyDB user.


* Comprehensive instruction manual available for free download here:

* Import data from your MS Access Database and SQL Server databases!

(Download the abcDB Database Import Utility for Windows here:



* Built on the powerful relational SQLite database

* View, filter, search and sort your database tables


* Build database entry forms using the robust Form Builder

* A wide selection of controls such as EditText, TextViews, CheckBoxes, Spinners (dropdown lists), Images and more make your database entry forms as powerful as they could possibly be.

* Powerful scripting language gives you power and flexibility that other database applications only dream of

* Build queries using the abcDB Query Builder


* Use any existing Views that your SQLite database may already contain.

* Take photos with your device's camera and save them to your database

* Send emails and sms directly from any of your custom database entry forms.

* Export the data from any of your database tables to a CSV text file which can then be emailed/copied to your desktop computer for import into your primary database.


* Processor intensive database operations run on a background thread for improved performance.

* Import CSV comma-delimited files

* Capture positioning data from your built-in GPS!



While most customers will likely be happy to use ShareMyDB in it's standard stand-alone format, others who require the ability to share and synchronize their data can optionally purchase a data-sharing subscription within the app. Here are the features included in our data sharing subscriptions:

* Share & sync a database with others with just one click! Choose the PREPARE DATABASE menu option, and when it's complete, enter the email address of the person you would like to share with. As long as they have a copy of ShareMyDB, they will be able to download your database and start using it.

* You and your shared users do NOT need a live internet connection to use your data. All data changes are saved 'offline' and are synchronized whenever you choose to sync ... with just one click!

Our moto has always been to cater to the needs of our customers and we look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions. If you're happy with our product, please leave us a review! If you're not, please contact us at [email protected] and allow us the opportunity to try and resolve the situation.


We have many exciting things in store for ShareMyDB Database. Stay tuned!



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