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What would your soul-mate be like? What qualities are most important to you in a significant other?

Date Ratings lets you customize and rank the relationship criteria that are most important to you. You choose the qualities that you look for, and decide which are Must Have, Nice to Have, and Not Important to you.

For example, you might want Compatible Personality as a Must Have, and Attractive as a Nice to Have.

You can then enter and rate your dates on each characteristic and Date Ratings will keep a running scorecard for you. You can then compare your best prospects.

玩生活App|Date Ratings免費|APP試玩

We all know that the heart has a stronger emotional pull then any logical comparison, and that's when the flexibility of Date Ratings becomes even more useful. Simply ask yourself what it is that gives you a strong reaction(positive or negative) about a date that otherwise has a mediocre (or high) score. Then change your criteria to match and see what happens when your heartfelt preferences are taken into account!

The Date Ratings application has an intuitive interface with all initial setup defaulted for you. You can launch Date Ratings and immediately rank a potential date. At any time then or later, you can customize to suit yourself:

玩生活App|Date Ratings免費|APP試玩

• Add, change, or delete the criteria you care about most.

• Reclassify categories between Must Have, Nice to Have, and Not Important.

玩生活App|Date Ratings免費|APP試玩

• Add or change descriptions for the criteria, like "Fun to be with" for Personality.

• Password protect the Date Ratings app (to protect yourself from prying eyes).

玩生活App|Date Ratings免費|APP試玩

• Include thumbnail photos from your mobile's Photo Gallery.

• Add a one-liner description for prospects, like "Responsible" or "Adventurous".

玩生活App|Date Ratings免費|APP試玩

• Add "Looking For" comments for any criteria, like "Compatible" for "Personality".

• Browse the built-in Usage Tips and Hints.

• Change text size - bigger is easier to read, smaller fits in less space.

We hope that the Date Ratings app will help you evaluate your dating prospects! And at the very least give you some entertainment when sharing with your close friends.

玩生活App|Date Ratings免費|APP試玩

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