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Hereford, Texas "Beef Capital of the World." Agriculture and Cattle driving one of the most diverse economies in the Texas Panhandle. Poised for the future with an outstanding quality of life.

Deeply rooted in cattle and agriculture, Hereford got its name from the Hereford Cattle that were brought to this country in 1898. Fed by two underground aquifers, Hereford has always been abundant in crops like wheat, corn, milo, alfalfa, and cotton. Hereford is known as the cattle capital of the world with its many feed yards. The dairy industry is also well established adding to a great feeding industry.

Hereford and Deaf Smith County have all the essentials that go together to make up a prosperous and progressive center for business and industry in the great High Plains of Texas. To those who call the High Plains home, there is no better place to live. With its wide open spaces and unobstructed skyline, spectacular sunrises and sunsets create a photographer’s paradise.

Modern facilities greatly enhance opportunities for activity. Golf, bowling, year-around swimming, rodeos, carnivals, and programs for children and adults alike, provide ample opportunities for activity and involvement. Civic organizations, churches, schools, professional associations, and the Chamber of Commerce will satisfy one’s appetite for volunteerism.

Your Chamber of Commerce is an action agency designed to meet community needs. It is a voluntary organization of individuals and businesses who band together to advance the commercial, financial, industrial, agricultural and civic interests of the community. Any person sharing a common interest in community promotion and activity is eligible for membership. Dues are collected by statement and may be paid with cash or checks. WE ACCEPT MASTER CARD, VISA, AND DISCOVER.

玩旅遊App|Deaf Smith County Chamber免費|APP試玩

玩旅遊App|Deaf Smith County Chamber免費|APP試玩

玩旅遊App|Deaf Smith County Chamber免費|APP試玩

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