Death Speed:Moto 3D|不限時間玩賽車遊戲App

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玩賽車遊戲App|Death Speed:Moto 3D免費|APP試玩

★★★★★ Description ★★★★★

This is a unique racing game. Your target is not only to avoid obstacles anymore; you should take your weapon and kill other competitors in this game! It has tremendous 3D graphics, realistic motors and game scenes, smooth gravity control, and vivid sound effect. All of those features will give you an unprecedented racing motor game experience!

★★★★★ Features ★★★★★

玩賽車遊戲App|Death Speed:Moto 3D免費|APP試玩

- Much rich and varied racing tracks and obstacles give you unprecedented challenge!

- Unique system of police chasing gives you more excited game feelings!

- Create your own perfect motor with the intensifying and upgrading system!

玩賽車遊戲App|Death Speed:Moto 3D免費|APP試玩

★★★★★ Gameplay ★★★★★

- Tilt the phone or tablet to control the motor turn right or left

- Collect all the weapons and throw at other motor racers

玩賽車遊戲App|Death Speed:Moto 3D免費|APP試玩

- Tap the screen to speed up, but it will cost your Nitrogen. So you should collect the Nitrogen cylinders between whiles.

- Speed up and turn directions flexibly; run away from the police!

- Every motor can be intensified. Create your strongest motor!

玩賽車遊戲App|Death Speed:Moto 3D免費|APP試玩

- Collect coins to unlock the cool motors!

★★★ There is nothing pornographic, violent, bloody, or drug-related in this game. Follow us and give us feedback to help us make it better! Your advice and support will be the greatest power for us to move forward! ★★★

玩賽車遊戲App|Death Speed:Moto 3D免費|APP試玩

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