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Outlook Android USB Sync app suite for Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Journal, Categories, Reminders, and Contact Photos. Choose from Secure USB sync or DejaCloud sync for standalone Outlook, Lotus Notes, Act!, Palm Desktop and other CRM software. Works with CompanionLink PC and Mac software sold separately starting at $14.95. Free telephone support and money-back guarantee.

CompanionLink (PC):

CompanionLink (Mac):

玩商業App|DejaOffice CRM - Outlook sync免費|APP試玩

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DejaOffice is the only Outlook sync solution that gives you:

玩商業App|DejaOffice CRM - Outlook sync免費|APP試玩

• Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes and Journal in one business-class app

• Option to choose Cloud or USB Connect for sync

• Built to mirror Outlook data fields and look-n-feel

• One-click option to keep personal and business data separate

• Full database encryption on Android

玩商業App|DejaOffice CRM - Outlook sync免費|APP試玩

• Free phone support for life

Choose from USB Connect or Cloud to sync Outlook with Android. Works with standalone Microsoft Outlook (no Exchange required, though we also support Exchange public folders).

DejaOffice synchronizes with popular CRM and PIM software like Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Sage ACT!, Palm Desktop, Salesforce CRM, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, GroupWise, GoldMine, Highrise, and Time and Chaos.

What people say about DejaOffice:

“First Outlook sync product that worked correctly out of the box.” (Reuben G)

玩商業App|DejaOffice CRM - Outlook sync免費|APP試玩

“After 15 days of fussing with other products, I’ve come home to CompanionLink.” (Herb D)

“Best app I’ve ever downloaded. Professional, easy to use, intuitive.” (Eddie S)

DejaOffice is mentioned on CNBC, AndroidCentral, AndroidForums, DroidForums, SkyMall and many other places!



玩商業App|DejaOffice CRM - Outlook sync免費|APP試玩


Smartphones aren’t very smart when it comes to business functionality. DejaOffice changes that by adding business features similar to BlackBerry and Palm Treo. From color-coded categories, linking contacts to appointments and tasks, advanced view, sort and search options, DejaOffice gives you business features not found in Android devices.

• Holds more than 50,000 records

• Built to mirror Outlook contacts, Outlook calendar, Outlook tasks, and Outlook notes

• Advanced contacts sort (first name, last name, company name, categories)

玩商業App|DejaOffice CRM - Outlook sync免費|APP試玩

• Category manager with colors

• 5 calendar views (day, week, month, year, list)

• Multiple task styles (GTD, Franklin Covey, TBYL, Outlook-style, Palm-style)

• Daily agenda widget (your appointments and tasks in one view)

• Calendar and task alarms

玩商業App|DejaOffice CRM - Outlook sync免費|APP試玩

• Set advanced calendar recurrence patterns

• Link contacts to calendar events

• Group contacts by city, company, postal code

• Private records (password-protected)

• Custom fields

玩商業App|DejaOffice CRM - Outlook sync免費|APP試玩

• Contact photos

• Global search across all CRM data

• Full database encryption

• History log for every contact record
+ Selectable font sizes

• Guided wizard for quick setup

玩商業App|DejaOffice CRM - Outlook sync免費|APP試玩

• Set Android home screen shortcuts to individual DejaOffice apps

• Dual-pane viewing options for Android Tablets. Better productivity and optimal use of screen space.

• Integrates with built-in Android Contacts, Calendar, Dialer, Maps, Email, SMS, Browser

• Language options: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (China) and Chinese (Taiwan).

• Works with all Android devices including Galaxy series, DROID series, HTC, LG, Huawei, Sony and others

玩商業App|DejaOffice CRM - Outlook sync免費|APP試玩

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