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玩財經App|Developer Wallet Manager免費|APP試玩

*ON SALE!* Google Wallet now supported! Get notified on sales via Google Wallet/Checkout, e.g. your application sales or other products. Trends, pie chart, daily/weekly/monthly summary and much more!

You can filter your results by product, date and country.

These filters can be combined in the diagrammes and order overview!

The app has a modern Holo user interface!

玩財經App|Developer Wallet Manager免費|APP試玩

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Support at Google+

玩財經App|Developer Wallet Manager免費|APP試玩

You can login with your Google account without your login credentials.

For the first access you have to accept the Google Checkout access request.

If you have a Merchant ID/key account please enter your values at the login screen.


玩財經App|Developer Wallet Manager免費|APP試玩

The initial loading could take some minutes (depending of your order count)!

Further updates fetch only new orders and are very fast. Maybe you have to click manually on the top refresh button for the first time.


■ Chronological overview of your sells order by product

玩財經App|Developer Wallet Manager免費|APP試玩

■ Pie chart: Sales by products

■ Pie chart: Sales by country

■ Pie chart: Status of sales

■ Bar chart: Sales per weekday

玩財經App|Developer Wallet Manager免費|APP試玩

■ Bar chart: Sales per hour

Restrictions in lite version:

★ Only latest 50 orders are shown

★ No automatic notifications

玩財經App|Developer Wallet Manager免費|APP試玩

★ Only 1 chart available

★ Only a few preferences

玩財經App|Developer Wallet Manager免費|APP試玩

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