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玩街機App|Diamond Saga免費|APP試玩

Diamond Saga - download to play the beautiful and addictive diamond game all over the world.

玩街機App|Diamond Saga免費|APP試玩

The game is easy to play with beautiful colour diamonds and more than 200 levels. Try to pass them all.

玩街機App|Diamond Saga免費|APP試玩

How to play:

玩街機App|Diamond Saga免費|APP試玩

+ Touch at the colour diamonds which in the block of two or more same colour diamonds.

玩街機App|Diamond Saga免費|APP試玩

+ The bigger block the more points you earn.

玩街機App|Diamond Saga免費|APP試玩

+ Get points as much as possible to pass the limit point of each levels.

玩街機App|Diamond Saga免費|APP試玩

+ Number of points is preserved to next level. Try to get as much as possible to pass all levels.

玩街機App|Diamond Saga免費|APP試玩

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