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玩旅遊App|Digital World Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

Digital World Clock Widget is the perfect tool for travelers or those who are working with people in different time zones.Simple and easy to use application & widget.


*Four different sized widgets (1x1, 2x1, 4x1 and 4x2).

*Transparent widgets to feel the home screen background.

*Shows current time in multiple cities around the world.

* Multiple clocks support.

*Add any number of clocks and the time of these clocks will roll, showing all the clocks one after the other.

*Supports various timezones.

玩旅遊App|Digital World Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

*Quick search for locations.

*Day & night display.

*Lots of customizations. A lot of color and appearance settings.

*Select millions of colors for the time and date with a RGB color picker.

*Changes take effect in real-time.

*Show/Hide AM-PM.

* No Battery Drain - Energy efficient.

玩旅遊App|Digital World Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

*Ad free and does not use any permissions.


*Tap on add icon at the top-right corner in app's home page to add a clock.

*Edit a clock name by tapping edit option which appears on long press in clock's list.

*Similarly, option to delete a clock will appear on long press.

*Also tap on menu for an option to delete all the existing clocks on single shot.

*Tap on menu to go to settings page.

*Edit the phone clock name in settings page.

玩旅遊App|Digital World Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

*Tap on widget to load up app page.

*Pin a clock(stopping roll) if needed with a simple tap on sun/moon image at the top of widget in 1x1 and 2x1 widgets.

How to add the widget on Android 4.0+:

- Open the app drawer.

- Tap the "Widgets" tab.

- Find our Digital World Clock Widget and drag it to the home screen.

How to add the widget on older versions of android:

玩旅遊App|Digital World Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

- Long press an empty spot on the home screen.

- Select "Widgets".

- Tap on Digital World Clock Widget to add it to the home screen.


- Please exclude the widget from any task killers, this will resolve the time freezing issue(When the app is killed, the time will stop updating).

-When phone starts, clock starts in less than a min too.

- Please relaunch the widget after app update if widget not updating.

-ROM users-> Widgets are not supposed to be on SD card. Beacuse, Android does not support widgets on external storage. So, move to SD card option is not enabled.Sorry for the inconvenience.

玩旅遊App|Digital World Clock Widget免費|APP試玩


-If your city is missing, find a city in the same time zone & change the clock name(for immediate remedy).

-Email us about your missing city along with country, timezone details and we will be happy to add it in our next update(for permanent remedy).

-Email problems/suggestions.

Contact (Email):

[email protected]


玩旅遊App|Digital World Clock Widget免費|APP試玩


玩旅遊App|Digital World Clock Widget免費|APP試玩

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