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Bored of your camera just working in two dimensions?

So am i!

This application is a advanced dynamic heightmap generator which utilizes complex algorithms to generate a 3D heightmap from the camera data.

You have two different ways of input.

A camera and a scanner, the camera captures the entire scene, while the scanner uses a rgb-distance formula to capture a select area. You can inverse the scanner with the left button, and set the aperture by holding and dragging the right button. The blue area will be captured when you press the middle button.

At the moment two rendering modes are possible.

- Wireframe

- Texture

And two algorithms are available.

- Flat

玩攝影App|Digitalizer [open-beta]免費|APP試玩

- Gradient

Keep in mind this is a beta application and a work in progress.

It is only tested on the Samsung Galaxy s3, so this is the only device i can guarantee it is working with at the moment.

To test if it works with your phone, open the application, then click on camera, if the image is rotated, go to settings and set camera rotation to 90.

Also set Rendering mode to texture, and Algorithm to Gradient. There is also a possibility of the application crashing the first time you try to start it, just try again, and it might just work.

Now go back to the main menu and press camera. Aim it at something, preferably with a darker background than the target and press the middle button.

If this still does not work, refund the application!

Currently working on:

* Algorithm improvements, "noise" reduction.

* A simple scripting language for user defined heightmap functions.

玩攝影App|Digitalizer [open-beta]免費|APP試玩

* Increased stability and beta testing on multiple devices.

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