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Federal Direct Student Loans - A Helping Hand From Government

Direct student loans are federal government loans provided through the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program. These types of loans are designed to help students who have graduated from the high school and are continuing their education in colleges, universities or trade schools.

玩教育App|Direct Student Loan免費|APP試玩

Direct student loans are part of the federal student aid programs administered by the US Department of Education. These loans are not offered through private lenders or companies. The loan agreement is between the student and the US Department of Education, without any agencies as a middle man.

玩教育App|Direct Student Loan免費|APP試玩

Students that want to apply for direct student loans must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (or FAFSA) over the internet and submit all required information and documentation. In addition each student will also have to complete a Master Promissory Note (or MPN).

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玩教育App|Direct Student Loan免費|APP試玩

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