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玩個人化App|Disco Live Wallpaper免費|APP試玩

This is a very cool live wallpaper, with the cool stage as background. Many colorful light spots are floating around on the screen, which makes the scene look cooler. Are you a person likes the cool disco?

Disco Live Wallpaper will give your smartphone a brand-new look. Our live wallpapers use a powerful engine with high compatibility and efficiency, and low battery consumption. If you enjoy our live wallpaper, share your experience with your friends right now!

Installation instruction:

玩個人化App|Disco Live Wallpaper免費|APP試玩

Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers

If you want to download more kinds of our live wallpapers, please click the “More from developer” below. Please support our effort by leaving your comments and ratings.Thank you!

If you have any problems, please send an email to us! We will try our best to solve your problems! And we look for your suggestions anytime!

玩個人化App|Disco Live Wallpaper免費|APP試玩

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