Dolphin Swimming Free|不限時間玩解謎App

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玩解謎App|Dolphin Swimming Free免費|APP試玩

Dolphin Swimming Free ! This is a funny "Run Game" that will give to you many hours of entertainment.

• Dolphin Swimming runs as far as you can, dodging the radioactive piranhas to win a world distance record.

• Eat the food pellets to get health, and collect Pearl that will give to you especial powers to finish the run.

• You must avoid obstacles and sharks. In the process of moving you gather Pearl to buy the skills in stores.

• Special:

In the famous dolphins game help for your home baby more intelligent frequency ultrasound helps brain development.

玩解謎App|Dolphin Swimming Free免費|APP試玩

And the sound of water waves with vivid peek.

• Features:

- Easy and smooth controls. (Special for kids)

玩解謎App|Dolphin Swimming Free免費|APP試玩

- Beautiful and colorful graphics in high resolution. (Designed for kids)

- Different Ponds to choose. (According to the distance covered)

玩解謎App|Dolphin Swimming Free免費|APP試玩

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