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This application is an optimized application to act as remote control for DomoEazy Wireless Smart Home System via network within and outside your home. DomoEazy users can download and update this application for free.

DomoEazy system allows you to control almost all electrical appliances at home, e.g. lighting, air conditioner, power socket, motorized curtain, television as well as security alarm at a fingertips. Users can access to the IP camera installed at home for real time monitoring through our application. You are able to control electrical devices based on location (room), scenario mode, schedule timer and individually.


DomoEazy Apps is enhanced with the new features of the Public IP and Local IP selection. DomoEazy system is functioning on local network without internet connection by selecting Local IP. Public IP is used for the control from outside the house via internet connection.

DomoEazy Apps and be easily synchronize to the system MasterMind with a single button. Data will be automatically synchronized into DomoEazy Apps and the user interface will change respectively. You can even have multiple connections simultaneously with a consistent, user experience across all.


DomoEazy Wireless Smart Home System

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