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Dr. Panda 欢乐餐厅


★★★★★ BestAppsForKids – “A perfect example of when everything comes together perfectly – design, fun, interaction, great price, and within a kid-safe environment.”

玩家庭片App|Dr. Panda's Restaurant免費|APP試玩

★★★★★ FunEducationalApps – “TribePlay has proven to develop and create fun and top educational apps for preschoolers and toddlers.”

★★★★★ TheiMums – “This app is a great one for practicing fine motor skills, routines and sequencing as well as interacting with a variety of animals and taking their orders.”

★★★★★ SmartAppsForKids – “Awesome and affordable app that preschoolers will love.”

玩家庭片App|Dr. Panda's Restaurant免費|APP試玩

快来Dr. Panda 欢乐餐厅为小动物客人们烹饪美味可口的食物! Dr. Panda将通过一系列充满趣味的迷你游戏将孩子们带入奇妙的烹饪世界。 孩子们将在游戏中领略并烹饪世界各地的风味美食如: 披萨饼、苹果派、玉米浓汤、中华炒菜和果味奶昔等等,更多美食尽在Dr. Panda的10种美味食谱哦!


想要做出美味可口的菜肴,孩子们需要在游戏过程中学习各种烹饪技艺:烘、炒、烤、拌等样样不落。 此外,孩子们还将从洗涤餐具、清洁餐桌、分类垃圾的迷你游戏中获得额外的收获和乐趣。

玩家庭片App|Dr. Panda's Restaurant免費|APP試玩


✓ 8种可爱的小动物客人

✓ 通过11款菜谱学习烹饪技艺

✓ 通过3款额外的迷你游戏培养孩子做家务和环保的意识

✓ 触摸与发现:精美的画面,诙谐的动画和音效

✓ 儿童易用:专为儿童设计的图形界面简洁易上手

玩家庭片App|Dr. Panda's Restaurant免費|APP試玩

✓ 儿童安全: 杜绝第三方广告植入和应用内购买

玩家庭片App|Dr. Panda's Restaurant免費|APP試玩

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