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玩程式庫與試用程式App|Draw Method Battery Benchmark免費|APP試玩

This application is aimed at developers or anyone with an interest into Android's graphics pipeline. It's purpose is to gather data on Android's different draw methods and how they affect the battery current. It will run a number of graphical tests utilising different draw methods while recording frames per second, seconds per frame and if available, battery current.

There have been works both on analysing the battery current, and FPS performance - though not one's affect on the other. As such the aim of this research is to fill that gap. This application’s aim was not to produce the fastest tests possible for each rendering method but create comparable data, so that in mind the results may be slower than you expect. All results are sent back to the developer to get an overall representation of the current pool of Android devices in the wild. These results will be made public for all to see after analysis via the website below, the source code of this application will also be available when it is ready.

This is a long test. It will take 42 minutes for the test to run on devices running Honeycomb (3.0) onwards. It will take 30 minutes for a older version of Android. This difference is due to using Canvas Hardware Acceleration (HWUI) in some of the tests which is only available to 3.0 onwards. Also while the tests are running the device needs to be in Airplane mode, this is to remove the unpredictable nature of network activity. In Airplane mode you will not receive any network communication, including calls or texts.

For more information read the about in the application or head to: http://www.mattcarron.co.uk.

Please report any bugs by sending me an email: [email protected].

Known issues:

- On some LG devices, if you export he results to external memory you may not be able to see the file via the Media Sync (MTP). Though the file is there and you can see the file from the device. So a current work around is to send from the device via a file explorer.

玩程式庫與試用程式App|Draw Method Battery Benchmark免費|APP試玩

玩程式庫與試用程式App|Draw Method Battery Benchmark免費|APP試玩

玩程式庫與試用程式App|Draw Method Battery Benchmark免費|APP試玩

玩程式庫與試用程式App|Draw Method Battery Benchmark免費|APP試玩

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