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Power Affirmation Apps

Condition Your Subconscious Mind With The Repetition Of Automatic Positive Thought.

We all know that the way we think is very important.

Thoughts can easily become self-fulfilling.

Thoughts create feelings.

Feelings create actions.

Actions create results.

That the kind of results we obtain in life often stem from our thoughts.

If for whatever reason we have somehow aquired a negative mindset or thought pattern about someone or something it can be very difficult to change.

Wouldn't it be great if we could simply reprogram our mind to be more positive and empowered.

One great way to do this is by repeating positive empowering affirmations on a regular basis - thereby replacing our old thought habits with new ones.

玩生活App|Dream Success - Wealth免費|APP試玩

But who has the time to constantly repeat affirmations to themselves let alone the will-power to remember to do so.

Imagine there was a simple app that could do this for you.

Through a simple set and forget alarm clock type function you could go about your daily activities sure in the knowledge that you will get your daily prescribed dose of

life changing audio affirmations.

Now you can!

By simply setting the times when you wish to have your power audio affirmations broadcast back to you, these audio affirmations will be played back automatically.

Also, because they are set to play at prescibed times, after a while they simply melt into the background creating a truly sublminal effect, installing powerful new

ways of thinking below the threshold of your conscious awareness.

Specially formulated to be listened to at bedtime or whilst asleep these power affirmations will gently coax your mind away from the negative blocks that bind you

and slowly liberate your true life force to be and achieve all that you can be.

There is no other time like NOW and your choice will create your future.

Commit to change and begin the incredible journey to a new you.

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