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玩通訊App|Droid Controller Pro免費|APP試玩

If you have Droid Controller Free installed be sure to uninstall it before installing Pro. You'll need to enter your secret code again after installation.

Droid Controller Pro is a simple text based phone location app and control application. It is designed to be extremely lightweight. If you forget your phone somewhere, or if it is lost or stolen, you can use any phone with texting to have network(needs 3 nearby towers to be accurate) or GPS locations texted back(these location features must be enabled and the app must be setup). The pro version also enables you to retrieve call information and forward all incoming texts to a specific number or you can remotely enable forwarding in case of a lost phone. Uses no battery until you request a service from it.

This lost phone app is also great for keeping track of unruly teenagers and making sure they are where they are supposed to be.

This app can be installed from Google Play and run with the default secretcode "Hey phone" without quotes. Handy for when your phone has been lost stolen or forgotten and the app is not installed. Only works with android versions prior to 3.1.

To get a GPS location text: mysecretcode gps

To get a network location text: mysecretcode network

To get directions text only: mysecretcode


To get the last 5 missed calls(nice if you forgot your phone and need to know who called): mysecretcode missed

玩通訊App|Droid Controller Pro免費|APP試玩

To get the last 5 incoming calls: mysecretcode incoming

To get the last 5 outgoing calls(good for assisting in thief identification if phone is stolen): mysecretcode outgoing

To turn on text forwarding(will forward to the number sent from): mysecretcode forwarding on

To turn off forwarding: mysecretcode forwarding off

You can also turn on forwarding and enter the number manually from the app itself.

Important: this app is capable of sending a lot of texts be sure your plan will not impose additional costs.

玩通訊App|Droid Controller Pro免費|APP試玩

Important: Be sure to start the app and set your secret code so that your phone is not at risk. Use a strong password as the code to prevent other people from getting your information.

This app may not work well with similar apps or aftermarket texting applications because they all require the same methods.

GPS and wireless network location must be enabled in order to return the corresponding results.

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