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帶領國王Thorund的Wurmhewer和他對抗洶湧的地精部落的起義矮人!學習國際象棋通過在單人戰役獨特挑戰的樂趣和輕鬆的方式為您的小矮人面對座狼騎士,精靈攻略,巨魔大砲,炸彈,迫擊砲和陷阱!然後對玩家(PVP )挑戰自己在網上Player作為矮人或精靈的軍隊!

同類型的第一場比賽,矮人象棋國際象棋使用的成癮核心結合3D奇幻片,板,背景和備用移動到這個古老的遊戲,釋放新的戰略!偉大的球員年齡9-90的基礎上,掃雷, Sobokan ,海戰和前哨圍攻水平引進新球員,以國際象棋的樂趣的挑戰,但不同的難度級別將挑戰高手!


玩棋類遊戲App|Dwarven Chess Free免費|APP試玩

- 免費玩!

- 矮人戰役: 8與24級了獨特的挑戰!

玩棋類遊戲App|Dwarven Chess Free免費|APP試玩

- 地精戰役: 7與23個級別獨特的挑戰* !

- 30種獨特的3D人物

- 15獨特的3D背景

玩棋類遊戲App|Dwarven Chess Free免費|APP試玩

- 在標準和矮人規則象棋台式模式

- 播放與電腦AI的標準或“矮人規則”象棋

玩棋類遊戲App|Dwarven Chess Free免費|APP試玩

- 玩在線玩家vs玩家在標準或“矮人規則”象棋!

- 如果你喜歡魔戒哈比人,權力的遊戲,和主,你一定會喜歡矮人象棋! !

Lead King Thorund the Wurmhewer and his clan of Dwarves against the surging Goblin uprising! Learn Chess the fun and easy way through unique challenges in single player campaign as your Dwarves face Warg Riders, Goblin Raiders, Cannon Trolls, bombs, mortars, and traps! Then challenge yourself in Online Player vs Player (PvP) as either the Dwarven or Goblin army!

玩棋類遊戲App|Dwarven Chess Free免費|APP試玩

The first game of its kind, Dwarven Chess uses the addictive core of Chess combined with 3D fantasy pieces, boards, backgrounds and alternate moves to unleash new strategies in this ancient game! Great for players ages 9-90, levels based on Minesweeper, Sobokan, naval battles, and outpost sieges introduce new players to the fun challenge of Chess, but varying difficulty levels will challenge the masters!


玩棋類遊戲App|Dwarven Chess Free免費|APP試玩

- Dwarven Campaign: 8 unique challenges with 24 levels!

- Goblin Campaign: 7 unique challenges with 23 levels!*

- 30 unique 3D Characters

玩棋類遊戲App|Dwarven Chess Free免費|APP試玩

- 15 unique 3D Backgrounds

- Table-top mode in Standard and Dwarven rules Chess

玩棋類遊戲App|Dwarven Chess Free免費|APP試玩

- Play vs the computer AI in Standard or "Dwarven Rules" Chess

- Play online player vs player in Standard or "Dwarven Rules" Chess!!!

- If you like The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings, you'll love Dwarven Chess!!!!

玩棋類遊戲App|Dwarven Chess Free免費|APP試玩

- Possibly the most in- depth Chess Variant the app world has ever seen!!!!

- *Goblin Campaign is an in-app purchase

玩棋類遊戲App|Dwarven Chess Free免費|APP試玩

Dwarven Chess is not just a puzzle game, strategy game, or Chess game- it's all 3 in one! Play your own unique strategy in multiplayer online battles against other chess opponents, or simply switch to Classic Mode and play a standard 3D Chess game. Participate in the storyline war as the Dwarves are suddenly attacked by goblin uprisings, or reverse the tables and play as the goblin army and wage war on the Dwarves! (Goblin Campaign is an in-app purchase). Some levels require strategic tactics to defend the Dwarves, while others are puzzles based on Sobokan and Mine Sweeper. For Chess enthusiasts, see what it is like to not follow classic openings and moves, but to meet new challenges in this "Chess Variant" with environmental obstacles and situational advantages for your AI opponent. Face bomb-throwing Goblins as you help the Dwarven King escape, and set traps in the Dwarven Bear Camp as you defend it from a goblin patrol!

Dwarven Chess is not just for Chess players, but for all fans of fantasy, strategy games, Role-playing games (RPGs), Trading card games (TCGs), puzzle games, board games, and even action and adventure game fans will find fun in all that Dwarven Chess has to offer :)

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