EN-UK for Linpus Keyboard|不限時間玩工具App

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玩工具App|EN-UK for Linpus Keyboard免費|APP試玩

Linpus Keyboard is an exceptionally feature rich and easy-to-use keyboard that supports 27+ languages and their

keyboard layouts. Linpus Keyboard has a split keyboard option for tablet users and a host of features to make

prediction and word selection quicker and more accurate. For example:

As you are typing, the word prediction bar can be swiped left and right to quickly reveal more word options.

Your local address book can also be imported so your contacts names can be easily added into your messages.

Multilingual common symbols support

Error-correction support

Memory – Most used words are moved to front of list

玩工具App|EN-UK for Linpus Keyboard免費|APP試玩

Google voice input support

Emotion and Emoji support 

Add Korean keyboard, Hebrew and Spanish-US

Sound and vibration setting

** NOTE **

This is just a language pack to be used only with "Linpus Keyboard(main body)" app, so please download "Linpus Keyboard(main body)" first.

玩工具App|EN-UK for Linpus Keyboard免費|APP試玩

You need to see if it is selected after installation, you just click "Settings->Language & input->Linpus Keyboard(make it enable and then enter)->Keyboards" to find whether this language pack is exist or not. IF it is not exist, please click "Settings->Apps-Linpus Keyboard", please Click "Force stop" and the a pop up window will show, click "OK", then please again check whether this language pack is on the list or not. IF it is exist, it can be used now!!

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