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V-smart objective spirit

Make Your Life Smart rich entertainment listener

V-smart entrepreneurial spirit

Smarter Than Yesterday expect to produce a more perfect product

V-smart headphone brand concept


You Make Music We Give You Quality high- quality music

V-smart brand positioning

Professional & Quality professionals with high quality

V-smart brand origin

OEM has many years of experience of V-smart background of its products are made out of a world-class professional quality, has been overwhelmingly unanimous praise and appreciation in the Americas , Switzerland, France , the UK, Dubai and Japan , the industry is has highly. Founder of Miss Chen Minhui itself is severe enthusiasts who love music , the quality of the music presented and extremely sensitive and critical equipment . But one day realize that their large collection of headphones products , all foreign brands , but most Taiwanese contract manufacturing by the manufacturer at the time of finishing the headphones. That is the most simple reason , Miss Chen Minhui in Taiwan do not really own produce , professional efficiency can be good headphone brand regrets , so V Smart was founded in 2003 , the first re- assurance of the quality and the user , in addition to V Smart subversion high quality equals more expensive , bit of myth , the " design manufactured in Taiwan and absolute ." V-smart vowed to be based in Taiwan , international look , become Taiwan's headphone brand pride.


Features : Allows you when using Zhezhi APP latest information V-smart , either on V-smart presentation , fan group , the latest events and so allows users to browse a simple tap , another with a shopping cart direct orders to purchase goods , it is very convenient !

Company Contact : If you have any suggestions, we all want to accept your comments , and to do better improvement , please

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