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Looking for kosher food in the Rocky Mountain region of the country? The East Side Kosher Deli in Denver serves Jewish communities across seven states! The entire facility is under the supervision of the Vaad Ha-Kashrus of Denver.

This app frees you from searching for hours on the internet for authentic kosher food, by providing one stop for all your kosher needs. It helps you find kosher food in a take-out deli, a sit-down meat/pareve restaurant, a full grocery store, a meat market, an in-house bakery, and catering facility – even kosher food for non-kosher events.

The app also helps you find eclectic kosher food, including both traditional and ethnic foods. The app sends those people in the Rocky Mountain region who desire quality and delicious kosher food to make sure they get all their kosher needs fulfilled in one stop!

This app keeps you on track to the deli so you won’t get lost on your way over to prepare for Shabbos or the holidays, or even just to get a nosh. With this app, you can find the most updated restaurant menus, a direct number to call the owner for your personal orders (including shipping if you’re a bit too far to drive over), loyalty rewards, photos of our amazing cakes for all occasions, a tip calculator you can use on your travels, and the ability to find out first about specials & events, including our very popular kosher Sushi nights!

Kosher food – one stop – Rocky Mountain region – even kosher Sushi. Download the app for free right now!

玩商業App|East Side Kosher Deli免費|APP試玩

玩商業App|East Side Kosher Deli免費|APP試玩

玩商業App|East Side Kosher Deli免費|APP試玩

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