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玩教育App|Easy Flash Cards Beta免費|APP試玩

Easy Flash Cards is a simple and effective Android application to learn a variety of content by creating their own knowledge base. So you can learn anytime and anywhere. You can use it in the bus, before falling asleep in bed, or whenever you like.

::Features ::


玩教育App|Easy Flash Cards Beta免費|APP試玩

- Creating custom flashcards directly on the smartphone

- Create your own sets of cards with subcategories

玩教育App|Easy Flash Cards Beta免費|APP試玩

- Quiz mode with evaluation

- The app will remember which cards you mastered and which ones should you should practice more

We also have a request to all users of this app. If you miss any sort of functions, then please give us not only one star and delete the app. Tell us your suggestions and we try to introduce them in the next version.

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玩教育App|Easy Flash Cards Beta免費|APP試玩


Easy Flash Cards

Developed By And For Students

玩教育App|Easy Flash Cards Beta免費|APP試玩

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