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*** PLEASE NOTE *** This trial version will soon be discontinued. Please install the full version instead ... It's free.

EasyMote is the easy way to control your media center anywhere in your house and without turning on your TV!

EasyMote enables you to remote control your media center with your Android Mobile phone over Wireless LAN. Currently supports MediaPortal and Microsoft Media Center.

玩音樂App|EasyMote trial免費|APP試玩

Additional to EasyMote on your phone, you need a plugin for your media center which you can download for free here: www.easymote.com

You can start playback of albums, playlists and radio stations (Both net streams and FM are supported), by selecting from lists of available sources. You can adjust the volume, pause and stop play back and jump in the current play list. Information about the song currently playing is shown on the screen and you can see which songs are going to be played next.

玩音樂App|EasyMote trial免費|APP試玩

On top of this you can activate the random function which will mix a playlist for you from you entire music library.

Even if the main focus of EasyMote is to control audio playback, you can also control the cursor and by that control all functionality of your media center, but this of course only makes sense when you are in front of your TV!

This is a free trial version which will disable some of the list items. To avoid this message, please upgrade to the full version.

玩音樂App|EasyMote trial免費|APP試玩

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