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玩旅遊App|Emergency Call免費|APP試玩

In emergency situations frequently panic takes over and we do not know who to call, especially if we are in a country that we do not know.

This application has been designed for all those people who want to travel to Italy with the confidence of having at your fingertips the most important emergency numbers.

Simply click on the desired button and the App will automatically call the proper number for your emergency.

Numbers provided:

General emergency (Police)

Health Emergency (Ambulance)

玩旅遊App|Emergency Call免費|APP試玩

Emergency fire (Firefighters)

Emergency at sea (Coast Guard)

In danger, speed often saves lives!

Gurusys reminds to use the emergency numbers in situations of real danger only. Then, use the ordinary channels of communication for access to the public service when there is no urgency.

Gurusys reserves the right to denounce to the authority if the use of its software happens for purposes other than those for which they were designed for.

Italian Penal Code Article 658 - Procurement alarm at the Authority -

Anyone announcing disasters, accidents or non-existent dangers, raising alarm to the authorities or public institutions or persons exercising a public service, shall be punished with imprisonment up to six months or a fine of between € 10 to € 516.

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