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Emoji Smiley Keyboard - Smart Keyboard for Emoticon Lovers.

Best Smiley Keyboard for every one. Download Free Emoji Keyboard application and enjoy fun of sharing smileys with your social groups and your friend or family.

Completely Ads Free Emoji Keyboard.

Make some one smile like an emoji by sending them emoji easily,

Use Emoji as in your input method of your keyboard. Simple and Best way to share Emotions by one click.

Send more than 1000+ emoji without rooting your mobile.

• English and more other language support.

• Share emoji Quickly in all social apps.

• Free and more emojis than any other apps.

玩社交App|Emoji Smiley Keyboard免費|APP試玩

• Full view keyboard and Compact layouts.

• Gesture support.

• Ads free Android Emoji Keyboard application.

• Latest huge collection of color emoji, emoticons, and smileys support everywhere.

• Write better and funnier text messages with emoji.

玩社交App|Emoji Smiley Keyboard免費|APP試玩

• Various kind of smiley and emoticons for you to share.

• Beautiful keyboard themes, just enjoy yourself theme.

• More language dictionary support:

• Share emoticons on text with your friends and groups.

HOW TO ENABLE Emoji Smiley Keyboard.

玩社交App|Emoji Smiley Keyboard免費|APP試玩

Step 1: Press “Enable Keyboard” and select “Emoji Smiley Keyboard”

Step 2: Press “Set default Keyboard” set “Emoji Smiley Keyboard”

About Data Collection Alert:

You may receive a warning when activating Emoji Smiley Keyboard saying “This keyboard may collect your personal data.” We take your privacy seriously. Emoji Smiley Keyboard does not collect your private data including password or credit card or any related info. The warning message is a standard message in Android for ANY third-party keyboard app.

玩社交App|Emoji Smiley Keyboard免費|APP試玩

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