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Emoji+ is a plugin for Contacts+, a free all in one contacts, dialer & SMS app. IMPORTANT: You MUST have Contacts+ installed to enjoy Emoji+ !

With Emoji+ you can express yourself however you want by adding a variety of Emoji when sending text messages to Android or iPhone devices.

After installing the plugin your Emoji will automatically appear inside Contacts+ messaging screen, and will be sent as a regular text message (SMS) or via Contacts+ free messaging service.

NEED HELP? please email us: [email protected]



玩通訊App|Emoji for Contacts+免費|APP試玩

We’re always happy to get your feedback and answer any questions at: [email protected]

Facebook: facebook.com/contactspls

Twitter: twitter.com/contactsplus

玩通訊App|Emoji for Contacts+免費|APP試玩


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