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玩書籍App|English Kurdish Dictionary Box免費|APP試玩

باشترين قاموسة بؤ ئةوانةى كة كوردى/ئينگليزى فيردةبن ، وةرگيرن، قوتابين....تيداية زمارةيةكى زؤرى ووشة و زور سودمةندة بؤ بةكارهين. پيويستت بةچى تر نابيَت . بؤية دايبگرة و سودى ليببينة.

# Dict Box is a *powerful, comprehensive, offline* dictionary/translator app with a *simple & clean* UI for your Android/iPhone/iPad.

玩書籍App|English Kurdish Dictionary Box免費|APP試玩

# This version is dedicated for Kurdish-English users. More dictionaries in multiple languages can be downloaded within the app.

# User review:

玩書籍App|English Kurdish Dictionary Box免費|APP試玩

"…If Lingoes is the best free dictionary on PC, this is the best on smartphone. ..."

# Top features:

玩書籍App|English Kurdish Dictionary Box免費|APP試玩

- Fast & easy to look up words and view the meanings.

- Designed to look up multiple dictionaries at the same time with in multiple languages.

玩書籍App|English Kurdish Dictionary Box免費|APP試玩

- Offline (Need internet for some advanced features)

- History, Bookmarks, Notes with Pictures & Pronunciation & Flashcards

玩書籍App|English Kurdish Dictionary Box免費|APP試玩

- Ability to install more dictionaries from internet

- Ability to add notes to words to view and search later

玩書籍App|English Kurdish Dictionary Box免費|APP試玩

- Excellent word suggestion feature helping you to fix mistyped words

- Ability to tap on a word to show its meaning in a popup window.

玩書籍App|English Kurdish Dictionary Box免費|APP試玩

- Pronunciation for all words - supports downloading sound to use offline.

- Ability to activate/deactivate/reorder dictionaries (online, offline)

玩書籍App|English Kurdish Dictionary Box免費|APP試玩

- Connects to a lot of online web dictionaries for extra references. (wiktionary, wikipedia,…)

- Automatically downloads picture when looking up words.

玩書籍App|English Kurdish Dictionary Box免費|APP試玩

- Font size adjustable.

- And a lot more…

玩書籍App|English Kurdish Dictionary Box免費|APP試玩

Dict Box is free to use with Ads.

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