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The EuroTELEFON Video app for iPhone enables you to call worldwide at EuroTELEFON ultra low prices from WiFi hotspots or using 3G thus avoiding roaming and local costs. We can offer DID (public access) numbers from 70 countries, including Poland, most of other European countries, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan and so on. This means, you can have your own number from the above countries on top of your original number in your mobile phone.You can use video connection with others in our network, as well as be on line and in touch with others in our and other social networks. Just 3 steps: register at EuroTELEFON for an account, download and install this app, and set it up for credentials of your account, which you will receive after registration.We wish you successful calls.

玩社交App|EuroTELEFON Video免費|APP試玩

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