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-Event Transportation System

Event Transportation System (ETS) is desirous of developing an automated system to capture and analyze data from field units to be used in the buses by the driver to capture the passenger loading and unloading data. This will allow ETS to analyze the data for average passenger load and average trip times to assist them in better planning of transportation needs of events. At present ETS is only limited to capturing the data at the main event location (convention center) which is where the passengers are unloaded in the morning. Whereas ETS requires the data to be captured at each pick-up location which can provide the data in real time to the central dispatch to see current demand and arrange for additional capacity as needed.

玩交通運輸App|Event Transportation System免費|APP試玩

ETS wishes to put a windows based tablet to the drivers to be able to enter the passengers to be loaded at every pickup location. The tablets will be configured by the field staff with the event and route before it is handed over to the bus staff.

玩交通運輸App|Event Transportation System免費|APP試玩

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