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Excel Helper - an application where you can find consolidated information on the Excel Optimizations and other advanced features.

玩書籍App|Excel Helper免費|APP試玩

Every type of Business use MS Excel as a Data Entry or Report Analysis tool and Effective use of Excel can directly impact effective management and Tracking.

玩書籍App|Excel Helper免費|APP試玩

This application gives you comprehensive information of How to use Excel effectively into you business.

玩書籍App|Excel Helper免費|APP試玩

Following are Salient Features

玩書籍App|Excel Helper免費|APP試玩

- Effective Use of Excel in Business Presentations

玩書籍App|Excel Helper免費|APP試玩

- Microsoft Excel - Major Features

玩書籍App|Excel Helper免費|APP試玩

- Organizing & Managing Numbers and Data In Excel

玩書籍App|Excel Helper免費|APP試玩

- Business Process – Understanding, Placement Of Excel based Tools

玩書籍App|Excel Helper免費|APP試玩

- Case Studies

玩書籍App|Excel Helper免費|APP試玩

- Linking of Excel with other Packages like PPT, MPP

玩書籍App|Excel Helper免費|APP試玩

- Tips and Tricks

There is facility in the app through which you can directly connect to us through our company app or also can contact us via email.

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