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Expense Tracker is a handy tool for you to manage expense. Sales Tracker provides friendly UI to enter sales of product or service easily.

You can view expense record by daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. You can view monthly expense with pie chart.


1. Trace expense with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly

2. Add/delete/edit expense record

玩財經App|Expense Tracker(Paid)免費|APP試玩

3. Sort expense record

4. Show expense in pie chart (require internet)

5. Transaction report in csv, html and excel xml

6. Export/Email transaction report

玩財經App|Expense Tracker(Paid)免費|APP試玩

7. Backup and restore database to SD card, Dropbox™ and Google Docs

8. Auto backup database to SD card when exiting the app

9. Auto backup database to Dropbox™ when exiting the app

10. Manageable currency

玩財經App|Expense Tracker(Paid)免費|APP試玩

11. Configurable first day of week

12. Configurable date format, time format

13. Password protection

14. Add new record with default value

玩財經App|Expense Tracker(Paid)免費|APP試玩

15. Default email address for receiving report

16. Camera receipt

17. Sorting, Filtering data

18. Share database with multiple devices by using Dropbox™

玩財經App|Expense Tracker(Paid)免費|APP試玩

19. More...

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玩財經App|Expense Tracker(Paid)免費|APP試玩

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